Ever hear of the Flat Headed Cat?  There are many fascinating species out there, all of whom have the same desire to succeed in life that you have.  What a shame it would be to lose something and not even know what you lost.  Find out more about the Flat Headed Cat by clicking on its photo.

A CALL TO ACTION - Now that you've been briefed on Survival 21, you're being sent into battle.  Not a battle between people, but a battle within people.  A struggle between short term gain and long term stewardship, convenience and prudence.  Here are some winning strategies to pursue.

EDUCATION - We appreciate what we understand, and save what we appreciate.  Education makes people aware of how beautiful and diverse nature is.  Education makes the challenges facing endangered species widely known.  Learn more about endangered species and pass this information on to others.  Consider using the plight of endangered species, or a favorite endangered animal, as the subject of a class paper or report.  Identify a favorite animal and read books on their habits.  Create a website, or add information to your website about your favorite species.

ASSISTANCE - Look for ways to help organizations that believe the way you do.  Many can be found on the web if you search for "Animal Welfare" or "Endangered Species". Encourage people in your class to do a project to raise money for a charity you believe in.  Wash cars, collect cans, or see if your class can sponsor or "adopt" an animal in a sanctuary. 

ADVOCACY - Write letters to your senators and congressmen.  Write people in decision making positions and express your view that wildlife is important to you.  And when you get the opportunity to vote, find out what the candidates think about wildlife and endangered species.

SUMMARY - In this day of rapid extinction, the most dangerous thing you can possibly do is "nothing."  It sends a message to other people that wildlife and habitat are not important.  Arm yourself with knowledge and press onward to victory.  Quite literally, lives depend on it.