Tiger - Panthera tigris

Weight: 200-500 pounds 
Head/Body: 60-72 inches 
Tail: 24-36 inches 
Subspecies: 7

The largest cat and one of the most powerful land carnivores in the world (exceeded in strength but not speed by the Kodiak bear), the tiger is a massively built cat of awesome size and power, with some exceptional individuals reaching 800 pounds. Its distinctive coat is white to orange-brown with black, brown, or gray stripes. Its small round ears have black backs with a central white spot. The males of some subspecies sport side whiskers. The tiger may be found in all types of terrain of southern and south- eastern Asia and of eastern Asia northward to Mongolia and Siberia, where it hunts by night, from the ground, and seeks game of all types. It is an excellent swimmer. The tiger is the only truly striped cat, with a completely non-agouti coat. All other striped cats are tabbies.