Cheetah - Acinonyx jubatus

Weight: 65-110 pounds 
Head/Body: 48-60 inches 
Tail: 20-30 inches 
Subspecies: 6 

The most primitive of all cats, evolving some 18 million years ago, the cheetah is a tall, slim, long-legged cat, built along the lines of the greyhound. Its claws are only semi-retractable, and it has a distinctly dog-like muzzle. Its coat is yellowish-brown with dark brown spots and a long white-tipped tail.

The cheetah may be found in open grassland and nearby forests in all parts of Africa, the Middle East, and south-central Asia, where it hunts by day, from the ground, and seeks antelope and other grazing animals. The cheetah is easily tamed and trained to the hunt and is the fastest four-footed animal on Earth, often achieving speeds in excess of 80 mph for short distances.